Infant Mental Health 0-3 Years Old

Infant mental health therapy services support parents and babies from birth through age three. Parent(s) with their child(ren) participate in the session. Therapy focuses on strengthening the attachment and attunement between the baby and the parent. Forming strong social bonds while promoting emotional development is at the heart of the session. Your therapist will support you in connecting with your baby while navigating struggles and challenges that come up in every day (and night) life.

Child Therapy 4-11 Years Old

Child therapy is positive, strength-based, and child-led. Therapy includes play and art techniques to encourage the healthy social-emotional development of the child. Parents are invited to participate in check-ins and check-outs when recommended during the session to stay connected and a part of the therapeutic process. The therapist will support your child in any areas of concern and explore topics including feeling identification, emotional regulation, coping skill development, and social skills. If your child is struggling at home or at school or needs help navigating a diagnosis, child therapy can be a good option for support.

Teen Therapy 12-17 Years Old

Teen therapy supports the healthy autonomy of your child. The therapist will guide your teen in working through tough situations, emotions, and social functioning. Our therapists use a range of modalities, including cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), art therapy, solution-focused therapy, and narrative therapy strategies, to support your teen in navigating challenges while growing interpersonally. Teen issues today can be complex, and having a trusted individual therapist can help them strengthen the skills necessary to thrive in daily living.

Parent Therapy

Parenting, co-parenting, and guardianship come with challenges all on their own. Therapy focuses on skill-building to support positive communication, effective boundaries, strengthened parent-child relationships, increased quality time, decreased conflict, and more. Parenting therapy can be helpful when life’s complications interfere with healthy and happy relationships.

Family Therapy

At home, has there been a life change, new addition, or loss? Is it hard for everyone to get along? When was the last time things at home were peaceful? Sometimes, issues can impact everyone involved, and by working together, healing can occur within the entire family unit. Family therapy can be a good option when things as a whole seem to have gone off course. We can work with your whole family in session or separate family therapy into individual child, sibling, and/or parent sessions with therapists from our team coordinating family care. 

On-Site Therapy & Workshops Let our therapists come to you.

For Families: Scheduled home visits, school observations, meeting advocacy, and other on-site support services can be incorporated into your care.
For Organizations: Groups, presentations, workshops, contracted on-site mental health support, staff or parent education events, and other training and psychoeducation services can be custom-tailored to meet your needs.